FX Magazine Insert (Slugs)

This replacement rotor – for the FX Impact magazine – is optimized to shoot slugs, without experiencing feeding failures or jams due to the tipping of streamlined slugs. Pellets can be shot using this rotor as well, but the design is not optimized for pellets.

The insert is CNC machined out of medical-grade acetal polyester (instead of being 3D printed), to ensure:

  • Increased Reliability for both .217 and .218 slugs
  • Improved Durability, and
  • And a butter-smooth action in the magazine


*Please Note: The full magazine shown is for illustrative purposes. This product only includes the rotor. Consumers should fit this insert into their existing magazines themselves (see our blog for instructions).

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Slug Insert for the FX Impact Magazine.

Sold in South Africa by:

  • Inferno Air Rifle Slugs
  • Outdoor Pitstop
  • Various other smaller retailers



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