FX Impact .22 Adjustable Pin Probe

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For the FX Impact, this easy-to-adjust stainless steel pin probe with permanent tension mechanism, can be used with the
standard transfer port or for the ultimate airflow performance with our Bridged Dual Slot Transfer Port.

Can be used with both skirted or flat bottomed pellets or slugs.

Adjustment screw should never protrude past the rear surface!




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1 review for FX Impact .22 Adjustable Pin Probe

  1. Kurt Oellermann

    I fitted the probe and the transfer port to my new FX Impact MK2 with Power Plenum. First of all, the machining is of the highest quality. Nice to see this level or work especially when fitting it to an incredibly expensive air rifle. I had a 50fps increase without changing any other setting with the extreme spread also improving slightly. It’s astonishing that I can now shoot 27grain slugs at 988 FPS on a reg setting of only 127bar, in a 600mm barrel. I managed to harmonize my rifle with this set up where it now consistently shoots sub MOA groups at 100m and even out to 140 and 150m at an average speed of 960 FPS and an extreme spread often as low as 5fps.
    The fact that South Africans are shaping this revolution in air rifle shooting is in itself fantastic. Well done and I eagerly await your next innovation. (No pressure:))

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