FX Magazine – Slug Rotor (Installation Guide)

Our Slug Rotor is optimized to shoot slugs from an FX Impact Magazine, without experiencing feeding failures or jams due to the tipping of streamlined slugs.

This rotor is sold separately, and the user needs to install it into an existing FX Impact Magazine. Follow the steps below to install your probe:


In order to install the rotor you need:

  • FX Impact magazine (remove the transparent cover)
  • 2.5mm Allen Key
  • HP Performance Slug Rotor
FX Impact magazine (original rotor) and 2.5mm Allen Key

1.) To start, place your finger over the nut at the bottom of the magazine:

2.) Using the Allen Key, remove the screw on the top of the magazine and carefully tip the springs & ball bearings into your hand (place them somewhere safe):

Remove the screw on top of magazine
Tip the springs and ball bearings into your hand, and put somewhere safe.

3.) Tip the nut & O-ring at the bottom of the magazine into your hand (and keep them safe) and then remove the original rotor and spring:

Remove the nut and O-ring from bottom
Remove original rotor assembly

4.) Carefully place the spring onto the Slug Rotor (putting the end of the spring into the hole on the inside of the rotor):

Put the end of the spring into the Slug Rotor

5.) Place the other end of the spring into this hole in the magazine (see red arrow):

Put other end of spring into this (red arrow) hole

6.) Put the Slug Rotor assembly fully into the magazine:

7.) Rotate the rotor counter-clockwise for 1 rotation:

Rotate the rotor once

8.) Lift the rotor slightly and rotate counter-clockwise so that the stopper on the rotor is on the left side of the black barrier:

9.) Place the O-ring and Nut back into the bottom of the magazine, and place your finger over it:

10.) Place the 2 small springs back into the holes on the top of the magazine, and put the ball bearings on top of the springs:

Springs placed back into the holes on the top of the magazine
Ball bearings placed onto each of the springs

11.) Screw the main screw back onto the magazine (be careful to not dislocate one of the ball bearings):

Screw the main screw back


You can now fill your magazine with slugs and put the transparent cover back.

Keep the original rotor somewhere safe. You can shoot pellets using the Slug Rotor, but it is not optimized for it.

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