FX Impact – Adjustable Pin Probe (Setup Guide)

Our Pin Probe is designed to work with the .22 Caliber FX IMPACT air rifle, and will allow the shooter to achieve better performance and more reliable results. The probe allows 48% more air to enter via the transfer port during the shot cycle.

This added velocity will allow heavier slugs to be fired at their optimal speed range or will allow you to adjust your regulator to operate at a lower pressure, which will make it more air efficient.

Follow the steps below to install your probe.


  • Before any adjustments are made you should always make sure that the rifle is in a safe condition and unloaded. Should any problem occur your first priority is to point the firearm in a safe direction.
  • Before adjusting your rifle’s regulator you should first consult the rifle’s manual, as improper handling may damage it.
  • If the pin is adjusted to a position which seats the pellet or slug too deep, it may push the pellet out of the magazine before the larger diameter portion of the probe enters the magazine. This may cause the magazine to advance to the next pellet which will prevent the charging handle from moving forward.

PLEASE NOTE: If this occurs you must pull the charging handle into the backward position and remove the magazine. If the magazine is unwilling (as the pellet may block it) – point the firearm in a safe direction and lightly tap the stock to shake the pellet loose. In this situation you can accidentally double load the firearm if you attempt to rack the charging handle if it gets stuck. Therefore you should ensure that the pellet is removed from the chamber before pushing the charging handle into the forward position.


The factory supplied probe and this adjustable pin probe both measure 49mm in length. The factory probe however pushes against the outer diameter of the pellet or slug, whereas our probe presses against the center portion of the projectile. Therefore if hollow base projectiles such as pellets are used, then additional adjustment would be required for optimal performance.

Before installing the probe ensure that the full length of the pin and probe is also 49mm.

To install the probe follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the firearm is in a safe condition, with the magazine removed.
  2. Adjust the shoulder rest into its lowest position.
  3. Pull the charging handle into such a position as to allow you to see the screw in the aluminium block, in which the factory probe is mounted. (as viewed from the right side)
  4. Carefully remove the screw. This screw cannot be used with the new probe but you should keep it nonetheless.
  5. Point the firearm upwards and allow the factory probe to fall into your hand.
  6. Place the new probe on an allen-key (2mm) and insert it carefully into the aluminium block until it is flush at the back.
  7. Rotate the probe until you can see the fastening indent on the probe through the screw hole.
  8. Carefully insert the supplied screw into the hole, and lightly fasten. (PLEASE NOTE: It is easy to strip the screw in the aluminium block, so do not over tighten)

After installation the pin might need to be adjusted. These adjustments are required to ensure that the projectile is seated in the correct position. If you are shooting with flat based slugs no additional adjustments should be required.

If you are using pellets or skirted slugs the pin needs to be adjusted accordingly:

Front view with cutaway diagram of pin with hollow skirt projectile
  1. Measure the distance between the back of the pellet or slug, and the inside of the slug where the pin is pressing against (DISTANCE A)
  2. Screw the pin deeper into the probe with a 2mm allen-key to account for this offset. One full rotation of the pin adjusts the pin forward by about 0.7mm
  3. Our unique pin tension device allows for the removal of the pin probe without losing this depth adjustment. This makes it easy to have multiple pin probes for various projectiles, which only needs to be switched out when you change projectiles.
  4. To verify that the projectile seating depth is adjusted correctly you can load a pellet or slug into the barrel – without cocking the internal hammer – by pulling the trigger while slowly cycling the charging handle. With the charging handle in the forward position (and the rifle pointed in a safe direction) the trigger can be pulled to verify that the rifle hammer is not cocked but the rifle may fire if done incorrectly.
  5. Now remove the barrel-locking screw located on the right hand side of the rifle just above the letter X of “FX”.
  6. Carefully pull the barrel from the rifle, while keeping it horizontal, and verify that the pellet or slug skirt if flush with the rear of the barrel chamber by looking through the brass transfer port. If the pellet is not seated deep enough or too deep, you need to adjust the pin (as you did in step 2) to compensate.

If you encounter any problems whilst installing and adjusting your probe please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1 thought on “FX Impact – Adjustable Pin Probe (Setup Guide)”

  1. Kan die adjustable pin probe werk met n fx impact mk1 model.
    Die probe holder gebruik n M3 grub screw en nie die nuwe M4 soos met mk2 modelle.

    Julle installasie dui aan n grub screw wat verskaf word moet gebruik word.( ou een moet nie gebruik word nie)

    Sal mk1 probe holder blokkie met m3 grub geskik wees?

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